Review: Iron Wings NX on Nintendo Switch

What is Iron Wings NX?

Iron Wings is mainly an arcade game, a flying shooter, where shooting won’t be enough, where weapons or tools mounted on each of the two planes have its role on completing each mission, and you have to deal with the decision of what to do and how to do it. The game was developed and published by a small indie dev, Naps Team.

During flight, you will control both pilots and their plane, switching between them anytime you need, assigning orders to the other one. Each of the two planes carries different extra tools to be used during the mission.

Extra tools as Chaffs and Magnetron as radar countermeasures, Photo Camera to report detailed visuals of some objectives, Search Light to discover and focus targets on night scenarios, and more to discover.

Wise choice of camouflages also influence your visibility to enemies and consequentially will help you to avoid some damages.

Iron Wings follows the story of two childhood friends who join the war in a special air force squadron. Under the guidance of Colonel David Ruse, their objective is to locate and stop the general Adler ahead of the ‘Ahnenerbe’, a secret team of Nazi archaeologists and scientists.

The game starts during a fundraising in NY and rapidly moving into war operations with the Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily) following the real events in the search for Adler.

Pilots will face aerial and ground missions from NY, rebuilt in deep detail as in the ‘40s, and other USA locations as Black Canyon, to many of the real battlefields along with Europe, from Sicily to Naples passing through Poland and Germany.

Presentation Grade: A+

The presentation and storytelling of the game are amazing. Cutscenes are very well donenx_04 for a small indie studio with good voice acting. For a $15 budget game, I was not expecting to see this. The graphics and animation of the cutscenes is believable and gives you a reason to become invested in the storyline that connects missions.

Graphics Grade: C

The visuals delivered by Iron Wings NX are mediocre. Cutscenes, referred to above are IW screen29great, but the gameplay just ends up looking a bit muddy. It has a very “Secret Weapons Over Normandy” vibe from the PS2 era, but in 2020, that’s not much of a compliment.

Sound Design Grade: C-

There is nothing memorable about the music and sound effects. I actually found myself replaying the game prior to writing this review to refresh my memory. It is serviceable but does nothing to add to the experience. During some of the cutscenes, the generic music in the background makes it near impossible to hear the good voice acting. I wonder if this was a cost-saving tactic to mask the lack of foley work.

Gameplay Grade: B

Controls felt great overall. The missions had a good variety. Nothing blew my mind, but I IW screen26had fun. The game does offer an in-cockpit view with the ability to look around with the right analog stick. This is always a needed feature for these types of games.

Overall Grade: C+

This game is not perfect. That being said, there are certainly many experiences for $15 far worse than Iron Wings NX on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you’re in the market for this type of game and don’t want to spend top dollar, I’d recommend it.

nx_01IW screen09

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by: Dennis Burkett

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