Streets of Rage 5?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Raise your hand if you have been counting down the days until a sequel to Streets of Rage 4 was released. (Enthusiastically raises hand at a break neck speed). Streets of Rage was/is a classic side scrolling beat em up in which you take control of a player and fight numerous baddies to advance throughout the level. Ladies and gentleman strap yourselves in, because I believe we have the long awaited sequel.

Ok, now that I have your attention I must confess, the game I’m talking about isn’t necessarily a direct “sequel” as much as it is a clone. The game I had the pleasure of reviewing is called The TakeOver and it’s modeled very much in the same style of Streets of Rage and Final Fight except fully HD graphics and 3D backgrounds.


You have three characters to choose from at the beginning of the game, each has their own special abilities/moves.  You take control of the player you want in an effort to save a kidnapped girl, whatever character you choose the other two take part in the story.

You have your basic attacks: high/low kick, punch, and a devastating super attack but be warned it takes away from your overall health, so you need to use that as an absolute last resort.  Combos, combos and more combos is the name of the game, the more hits you string together the quicker your Super meter fills and you can unleash a devastating aerial attack.

If the punching/kicking/and super meter weren’t enough, you also have a RAGE meter, this is filled by hitting baddies and not getting hit yourself (which is harder to accomplish than one might think).  Once the RAGE meter is filled, you can activate and go on an all out rampage, where you literally are a indestructible. qhdlnljl6juwdknvuezw

Playing through the first level, I found it very enjoyable and a very good side scrolling beat them up. I do have one small complaint, however. In addition to the punches/kicks/super attack and RAGE meter, you have a gun that you can get ammo for and fire. If your going to use the gun to take out a particularly stubborn enemy it is helpful, however, your locked in place and can only shoot left or right.  You cannot move up/down on the screen. bv3ykt37kty97ibo2dqz


Overall if you’re looking for a fun side scroller in which you get to beat the crap of baddies, The TakeOver might be just what you’re looking for. So grab yourself a copy, and a friend if you want to play Co-op (but they have to be on the same couch) and get to beatin’!aksjeiypslmj1mkocokb

I give this game 10 RAGE meters out of 10.

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By: TheRealSlimJim23

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