Indiana Pacers Fans Shocked to Learn Spike Lee isn’t Handicapped

In a shocking press release posted by New York Knicks PR on twitter, it was announced Spike Lee is in fact not handicapped. Here’s the full release:F738E11E-296B-4E0E-A223-DC7A1004E799

It was revealed Lee entered through the employee, media and patrons with disabilities  entrance. The organization asked him to use the VIP entrance instead. This did not sit well with Mr. Lee. He has since stated he will no longer attend Knicks games.

“I always assumed he was “special” the way they let him sit court-side and yell at Reggie”, said one die hard Pacer fan, Howard Dukes from Pimento, IN.

The drama unfolded after Lee and Knicks president Leon Rose, were seen having a court-side discussion during the Knicks 125-123 victory over the Houston Rockets last night in MSG.

Dukes went on to say “I always found this to be the one redeeming quality of the organization; the fact they let him sit close given what I assumed was a social condition spoke highly of the top brass. Darn shame it was a sham.”



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