5 things to look for during the Super Bowl


The Chiefs with Mahomes score a lot, and the 49ers pass on first down more than most and go for it on 4th a lot too.  Two very aggressive offenses is what we’re saying. 😉

Kendrick Bourne

Bourne is a red zone specialist.  He had 5 tds on just 30 receptions.  Good to keep in mind for TD prop bets.  They also use him to block and run pick patterns in scoring situations.

Fat Guy TD

This is a really fun prop bet.  We all like hearing #67 is reporting as tackle eligible.  You could get paid if you choose this +3300 prop bet.

Clock Mismanagement

The Big Walrus, aka Andy Reid is known for totally messing up the clock. Not calling timeouts when he should, to calling all 3 timeouts in the first quarter.  If the game gets close expect a panicked clock situation for the Chiefs.

Tom Brady Talk

It cannot be ignored, Jimmy G was Tom’s backup and the Niners would not be here without him.  in 2017 the 49ers were 0-9 before acquiring Kiara Mia’s favorite Pro QB. As soon as Jimmy G makes his first big play or TD, expect Joe Buck to start the verbal orgasms about the Pats and Tom since they didn’t make the Big Game at the End of the Season.


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