Odell Beckham Jr is a Stooge!

Oh how I long for the days of diva wide receivers signing footballs after scoring, driveway push-ups and calling your ex-quarterback gay. Sure Terrell Owens was a diva, but his antics were comical. This past Monday, following LSU’s dominating performance in the NCAA Title game, Beckham was caught on video handing out wads of cash to LSU players on the field during post game celebrations. If you did not know, Odell is an alumnus of LSU and was on their sideline during the game Monday night, which I will only assume is a big no-no according to the tyrannical NCAA who still insists players remain amateurs (a rant for another day). To make matters worse for himself, OBJ was caught on video assaulting a Superdome security guard in the Tigers locker room.

First, I want to breakdown the wads of cash or what I’ve been seeing referred to as “cash-like” wads on the internet. Odell handed the wads to two different LSU players. Those players were junior receiver, Justin Jefferson and junior defensive back, Jontre Kirkland. The NCAA’s amateurism rules have a set of bylaws that govern this type of incident. Bylaw 12 requires the NCAA to contemplate the loss of a student-athelets eligibility of play if they accept cash or an equivalent award. From my perspective, I certainly did not see Mr. Kirkland or Mr. Jefferson refusing the money. The NCAA is known to go a bit rogue when handling these types of situations. I would be very worried if I were LSU or the players involved. OBJ on the other hand has nothing to fear as he no longer needs to worry about NCAA violations except he likely won’t be invited back to campus anytime soon.

The second act of stoogery that occurred involves a video that surfaced of the diva wide out slapping a security guard on the rump. Sure, it appeared to be in good spirited locker room celebration taste, but obviously the security guard decided to press charges. Is it likely a cash grab? Yes. Should OBJ have more self awareness? Certainly. Grown men should not be slapping strangers on the rear. OBJ is a 27 year old man-child that needs to grow up. He could be facing a maximum of 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Hey, Odell Beckham Jr…you’re are stooge!

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