Make Bowl Season Sweeter with Cinnamon Coke

Change up your playbook to keep things interesting this college football bowl season.

photo of stadium scenery

In imagining a restless Saturday, perhaps there is no more perfect cocktail than today – a week after exciting NCAA football conference championships, but still so far from the glory of Bowl Season. Sure, the Heisman trophy was awarded tonight, but it didn’t go to Jalen Hurts, so it’s a sham.

One redeeming factor of the absence of college football on this weekend is that it allows for some retrospection and planning on how to maximize enjoyment of watching Oklahoma stomp LSU (Geaux Sooners) on the 28th in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, more affectionately known as the first round of the NCAA championships. Sure, get your cheeses filled with sausages ready, and whip out your perfect gameday chili, but don’t neglect beverage choice.

selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass

Certainly, a beer is beyond adequate to reach for to help in your enjoyment of a good Bowl, but let’s face it: sometimes, alcohol just isn’t necessary. Perhaps you’re driving to your brother in-law’s house with your seven sons, and want to create a wonderful family memory as you show your children the way (the way being rooting for Oklahoma football).

close up photo of man cooking meat

Do not sleep on Cinnamon Coke. Cinnamon Coke is a limited edition flavor that sounds precarious at best. I took the plunge today – I had to try that sweet, sweet, cinnamon nectar, and honestly, it’s good. Under-promise and over-deliver (at least that’s what pursuing a PhD has taught me). Quite honestly, Cinnamon Coke does not taste vastly different than regular Coca Cola. Personally, I consume Diet Coke infinitely more frequently than regular Coke, so it’s nice to have a little extra pizzazz if I’m going for a regular soda. Cinnamon Coke does have an extra twist – and that twist infuses the joy of the holiday season, and just lifts your spirits to the appropriate level to sing the theme from the broadway musical Oklahoma as you observe a Sooners win (okay, maybe I’m the only one that belts out the final song from Oklahoma, but try it – you’ll like it).

What are your go-to gameday recipes? Share in the comments below!

By: Dan Burkett

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