Dennis’ Dogs: Week 5 College Football Picks

America loves a good underdog story. America also loves a quick buck. This weekly blog post gives you both. I will bring you three weekly double digit underdogs that’ll deliver in the pocket book. All lines used for the purpose of this post will be from

Week 4 was yet another disappointment. This week I’m going to trust my gut and not let analytics get the best of me. For a fourth consecutive week I went 1-3, bringing my overall record to 4-8. Let’s get to it!

Connecticut @ Central Florida151BA4CD-DE99-4870-9FB9-104690CDD178

Who I like: Connecticut

Why: One of these weeks Connecticut is going to not completely break my heart. This is the week they get it done. 

Confidence Rating (1-10): 7

#1 Clemson @ North Carolina47368334-A409-488B-985A-E1DDD97134F5

Who I like: North Carolina

Why: I’ve seen the Tar Heels play three times this season and have been very impressed. I think at home they cover against the juggernaut that is Clemson. North Carolina is lead by their legendary coach, Mack Brown who has this team eating out of the palm of his hands. Final score, 52-35 Clemson.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 8

Colorado State @ Utah State Aggies


Who I like: Colorado State

Why: When I first played NCAA 06 on the Playstation 2 I was offered a scholarship as a running back for the Colorado State Rams.  They’ve got the best helmet in college football so of course they’ll cover. Sure, this may be poor logic, but like I stated analytics haven’t been working.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 7

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