Bet On Coastal Carolina This Season!

As you may be aware, sports betting is now legal in Indiana. We here at happened to be in downtown Indy last weekend. So as one does, we paid a trip to the Winner’s Circle in downtown indy.  The week prior Indiana State, who is historically bad at football, was 4 minutes away from beating Kansas on the road. So I took the money line to beat Kansas.  The Chanticleers from Conway, South Carolina beat the Jayhawks 12-7. Electric way to start my betting career in Indiana. Checked them out and they’re kind of hot right now.  Their running back Torrance Marable ran for 148 yards against Kansas. They run a lot.  This week they beat the hell out of Norfolk State, 46-7. The spread was 25.5.

For the conference, they play in, the Sun Belt, the Chanticleers look to dominate them. They are -14 point favorites over UMass. Take the points and ride Coastal Carolina.  Umass is winless. CCU is tough, hammer them all season. 

The only other fun fact I know about Coastal Carolina is that this is where Tyler Thigpen played in college. #Wiggy4Thiggy

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