Luck You

Colts fans were treated to some shocking news last night. That news which broke at 9:28pm last night was that Andrew Luck was retiring from football at the age of 29. Now I was fortunate to attend the preseason game and watch some enjoyable football until the 4th stringers came in to play.  When a fellow contributor to this blog shared the information about Luck I legitimately thought it was a hoax.  However, as the night went on that news seemed to be more concrete.

2011 was a dark time for Colts fans. Peyton Manning the long-time great, was out for the season with neck surgery and there were talks of Peyton never playing football again.  The Colts had a revolving door at QB that season those included: Kerry Collins (who went on IR shortly after the season started), Curtis Painter, and Dan Orlovsky.  It was obvious the Colts needed a QB with the uncertainty surrounding, Peyton.  At the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season, the Colts released Peyton Manning in what stands as the most heart-breaking speech ever given by a Colts QB Peytons’ Goodbye  The Colts were preparing for their next franchise QB.

Going into the draft the only question was who would the Colts draft? Andrew Luck from Stanford, or Robert Griffin III from Baylor?  To this blogger it was never a question, it was always going to be Andrew Luck the Colts drafted, and that was the correct response. In 2012 Andrew Luck lead the Colts to an 11-5 record behind 4,374 yards passing and 23 TD’s but subsequently lost to the Baltimore Ravens 9-24. I’ve included the link to Luck’s Career Stats

Then the injury bug took hold of Andrew and he only played 7 games in 2015 and missed all of 2017 with a shoulder injury.  You can put a lot of blame on the previous GM Ryan Grigson Douche McKenzington because they had one of the leagues worst offensive lines, and Luck was leading the league in QB hits.  This all changed for the better when the Colts fired Grigson and hired Chris Ballard to take over here’s a picture of our GM savior Ballard.

Luck returned in 2018 and holds the record for most yards thrown and TD’s in a final season.  The short of it is, Luck turned his back on this team, he claimed it was because he was mentally worn down from years of injury and rehab and he has lost the passion for the game, however, this video says different Andrew discusses injury & coming back from a 1-5 start.

Colts fans will always be grateful for what he has done for the franchise, but this was not the way to go about it. This was a cowardly, candy-ass move and I personally have lost most of the respect I had for him.  I am excited to see what Lord Jacoby can do with this team this season, so as a fan bring on the (mediocre) season.


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4 thoughts on “Luck You

  1. There is a lot to be disappointed about this, but hiding a “Fuck you” behind Luck you is despicable. I bet you were one of the ‘fans’ that boo’d him at the end of the game.


  2. Me personally I don’t see anything wrong with his reasons for retiring. If your not passionate about playing anymore or fear more injuries then by all means go. But he could’ve went a different way about announcing it. Why wait so long? The beginning of the season starts next week.


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