Larry Bird, Sycamore Great, Isn’t Happy!

We, as a society, live in modern times. In modern times, certain things are unacceptable, like leaving a toddler unattended for days, clubbing seals, and disrespecting Larry Bird. Yeah, apparently we need a reminder that one of our societal mores is respecting Larry Bird. How do we respect Larry Bird? Well, first and foremost, CNN, dealer of Fake News, you always mention that Larry Bird is an alumnus of the great Indiana State University, and don’t simply refer to him as an NBA great. An NBA great? Do you even know your history? Sure, calling Bird an NBA great is not technically wrong, but it’s an error by omission.


News has been circulating lately about the great Larry’s distaste for a mural that was painted in Indianapolis, IN. Yes, the hick from French Lick is offended! When Larry gets salty, the world pays attention, so take notes. Now, the mural that has been going viral by California-based street artist (a lucrative profession, I’m sure) depicts Larry with a myriad of tattoos. This seems to be Larry’s chief complaint.

The tattoos, in fairness, do pay homage to Bird’s history, with a clover emblematic of his time at the Boston Celtics, or what appears to be ‘Hoosier’ written across his neck, reminiscent of his brief time at Indiana University. He is wearing a powder-blue uniform like he wore in his time at Indiana State, but here is where the real sacrilege is on display. Even ignoring the cardinal on his cheek, which is the mascot for Ball State (a much lesser state university than Indiana State), nowhere on the mural does it explicitly say Indiana State.

Larry Bird put Indiana State on the map. As an Indiana State alumnus who cheered in Hulman Center where Larry once played, Larry belongs to our community. Thus, any depiction of the great Sycamore must pay homage to his Sycamore pride. So, I join Larry in his uproar, not because I’m a prude who thinks tattoos somehow tarnishes Larry’s marketable brand, but because I’m a Sycamore, baby, and if you take Larry from us, what else do we have? That’s right, Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas. You can try to fell a Sycamore tree, but in the words of Elton John, not affiliated with ISU at all, “[The Sycamores are] still standing better than [we’ve] ever been!”

March On!

By: Dan Burkett

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