A Hat That Changes Everything-A review of Swaps and Traps

I had the pleasure of reviewing a game developed by Drageus Games called Swaps and Traps. Swaps and Traps has a retro vibe, with simple gameplay against high level difficulty.

You play as Mike a decent man, an ordinary one you might say, Mike’s main squeeze is taken tragically by a mustachioed hat wearing individual named the Divider and Mike must go on a quest to get his gal back and the only way to do it is to run through 3 worlds that the Divider has set up. Sounds easy right?

Know what if I told you that Dividers hat changes everything, including the position and direction of the screen? Would you like to know more?

There are 3 worlds: Let’s Jungle, Night Watch and Divider’s Den. When you first start the game you are treated to a cutscene that explains what has transpired and introduces us to our hero Mike. You start at one side of the map and you must find your way to the key, usually in the top left or right of the screen all while avoiding spikes, floating platforms and traps. Once you get the key, it activates the trap! Usually this entails part of the screen flipping and everything being reversed.

I have enjoyed my time playing these first 6 levels, and I cant wait to play more and see what kind of Swaps and Traps await. If you have ever played Super Meatboy this game reminds me a lot of that, in the platforming and traps aspect except not as violent. I am looking forward to playing the other levels and seeing what more Swaps and Traps await. You can be sure this will not be my last post about this fun little game. Stay tuned for more, and always thank you for reading!

So far after the first 6 levels I’d grade Swaps and Traps: B+

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By: Ryan Dyer

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