Gen Con 2019 Preview

It’s about that time…where the geeks and nerds proudly take over downtown Indianapolis to celebrate their love and passion for tabletop gaming. That’s right, Gen Con 2019 begins Wednesday, August 1, 2019. The event is held at various walk-able Indianapolis locations, but primarily at the convention center which is connected to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Gen Con, originally held in various locations around Wisconsin was established in 1968 as the “Lake Geneva Wargames Convention” by Gary Gygax, who later co-created Dungeons & Dragons, Gen Con was first held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It stayed in the Badger state until 2003 when it was moved to it’s current home, Indianapolis, IN.  Every year tens of thousands descend to take part in the four day spectacle. It is regarded as one of the largest conventions in North America.Gen_Con_Indy_2008_-_terrain_board_5

Things to Check out

  • Collective Art Project
    • Express your inner artist by participating in the creation of a
      large-scale living fantasy painting! Join artist Kathleen Hardy,
      who has created this one-of-a-kind art piece, by painting the
      canvas. Returning to Gen Con for its third year, the Collective
      Art Project is located in the Capital Concourse of the convention center
    • Cardhalla is a free, 24-hour event, and everyone can participate! Help build a city (or just about anything you want) out of cards — just grab a pile and start folding and stacking! Then, on Saturday night, help to destroy everything
      for charity. Bring your pocket change to throw, with all
      money going to our 2019 Charity Partners. Closing festivities begin Saturday at 10 pm including the auction for the first throw. Total destruction occurs at 10:30 pm. Build. Donate. Destroy.
    • “Gamers Live” is back! Brought to you by Zombie Orpheus
      Entertainment, this improvised comedy show inspired by the
      popular “The Gamers” fi lm series is a mash-up of pop culture,
      gaming, and audience suggestions. A hilarious, one-of-a-kind Gen Con experience you won’t want to miss
    • Representatives from a variety of local organizations, conventions,
      and gaming groups are available to help you find gaming and other
      great opportunities during the other 361 days of the year! Get your
      picture taken with the Stormtroopers from the local 501
      st Legion!Located in the Stadium pedestrian connector
    • A 5k Fun Run through the White River State Park on Friday at 6:30 am. Proceeds benefi ting charity. A Gen Con tradition you don’t want to miss, rain or shine.
  • Catch a live streamed game…LIVE, in person!
    • Games scheduled for live stream
      • Celebrity Secret Hitler
    • The Fall of Icarus
    • Once More Unto the Dungeon World
    • Tempting Fate
    • Wild Cards
    • Uncanny Valley
    • Tiny Towns
    • many, many more!
  • 19th Annual ENnie awards
    • Originally conceived in 2001, the ENnies have expanded from an online award to an annual ceremony at Gen Con. Branching out from their roots focused upon d20 system publishers and products, to celebrating the achievements of
      all tabletop RPGs and the publishers and products that support them, the ENnie Awards is not to be missed.
  • Meet Billy Mitchell: The original King of Kong
    • Catch Billy inside the Video Game Palooza Arcade Room, streaming from @Billy_Mitchell on Twitch, signing autographs and slinging his famous hot sauce, and at every “Arcadefi re! [The Redemption of Billy Mitchell]” reading and appearance. For daily show times, activities, and Billy appearances, visit the Video Game Palooza Arcade Room in ICC: 134.090


Tips & Tricks

  • Plan ahead. Indy is a very walk-able city, but this is a huge convention. Have an idea in mind for what you want to check out.
  • Study the 2019 Program book. You wouldn’t play a new board game without first reading the rule book. It is a necessity. Check it out here.
  • Wear deodorant and shower. Don’t be that guy/girl.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Gen Con is a massive four day event. It is nearly impossible to preview a four day convention that contains so much excitement. Whether you’re into tabletop gaming, video games, cosplay, comics or just having a fun time, Gen Con has something for you. If you’re unable to attend, the Gen Con experience can be found at


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By: Dennis Burkett

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