5 Main Difficulties When Playing Fortnite

Fortnite is somewhat reminiscent of MMA. There are so many aspects to it that you have to seamlessly flow between, often purely on instinct, unlike other games and combat sports where you usually just have to worry about one or two facets tops.
However, once you grasp the challenges that each separate element of this multi-dimensional game poses, you can start to understand how to chain everything together and finally get that elusive victory. In that spirit, we bring you the 5 main difficulties you will find on the battlefield and some​ ​Fortnite tips and tricks​ to deal with them.

This is ubiquitously considered by far the most challenging aspect of Fortnite, partly because it’s quite unique and most players have never dealt with anything like it, especially in the context of such a combat-heavy and often even frantically paced game. However, besides the novelty aspect, building techniques and styles are so intricate, diverse, and imaginative, this part of Fortnite could have easily been a hit game in itself, especially among Minecraft fans and architecture students.
In fact, building in Fornite is somewhat reminiscent of the classic films “Inception” and “Dr. Strange” in the ways in which you can dynamically change, shape, and redefine the world around you. Besides learning and practicing, it also takes some imagination, which is one of the reasons why people feel such a sense of pride and achievement when they shoot someone from a construction they’ve built with their (nearly) bare hands.
Even if shooting is your domain and you’re convinced you were a cowboy in your past life – and let’s be honest, most people do, you absolutely cannot get away with building incompetence. Building is surely the hardest, and also one of the most important parts of Fortnite.

Initially, you need to get used to collecting materials instead of just running through the map like a wild maniac. Despite the all-our carnage that nobody can resist, Fortnite is actually a game of strategy, and we’ll get more into that in a second. Almost everything you see around you can be harnessed into three building material types: wood, brick, and metal.

From there, the world is your oyster, but it will take some time before it starts feeling like it.

First, you need to get familiar with the basics until they become like second nature, which, as far as basics go, don’t feel that basic. Remember – nobody will wait around for you to build your dream house. You need to be able to materialize your architectural visions very quickly on the fly.
The fundamental building structures and techniques in Fortnite can get you a long way. That is, walls, floors, stairs, roofs, edits of existing structures, and adding windows, doors, and roofs to structures. You should practice until you can carry out the commands automatically instead of looking back and forth from the screen to your keyboard like your grandma.

Then, you need to get familiar with the practical applications of those structures, which might be a little imaginative, yet don’t defy the laws of physics for the most part. Just like in real life, structures can’t simply levitate – you always need an anchor, and destroying it causes everything to collapse to the ground.
Walls​ are used as cover, like big shields, as well as to break line of sight.
Floors​ are most commonly used to bridge gaps and break your fall, and the latter shows the importance of having commands memorized.

Stairs and ramps​ are built to reach higher grounds, and also as part of towers. You can also place stairs them along the side of mountains in order to ascend them.
Roofs​ serve as protection from attacks from above, and also as vantage points of pyramid structures, perfect for snipping enemies.
The purpose of ​adding windows and doors​ to structures is to create an escape route and the perfect hideout, equipped with strategic vantage points to shoot out from.

As mentioned above, building in Fornite follows most laws of physics, which is why it feels quite realistic, by a bit of a stretch of the imagination, and also complex.
For example, since destroying the foundation of your structure erases bring it to the ground, there are ways to reinforce it with walls and ramps so it’s more resilient against your enemies’ attacks. You can even make little floors beneath the stairs for extra support and room for cool stunts.

Towers are staples of Fortnite which can feel almost like fortresses when positioned and reinforced strategically. Generally speaking, the reason why they are so popular and effective is because the universal rule in Fortnite is getting the higher ground always gives you an edge during combat, regardless of the structure.
Every shooter has a specific feel to it, and Fortnite is no different, especially since it’s 3D person but in a type of scenario which usually involves 1s​ t​ person.
You need to find the sensitivity that works for you, for both regular and scope shooting.
There’s a lot of jumping involved on and off structures, which at times makes you feel like an armed kangaroo. It makes things a little more frantic and takes some getting used to.

You also have to get used to the different weapons and their ranges and idiosyncrasies like aiming a little upward from the target with the sniper, for example, even though those are fairly similar to the ones in other games.
When it comes to shooting, even more so than with other aspects of gaming, there’s no substitute for practice.

Surviving the Storm
The storm is a very nice element of Fortnite, creatively forcing players to gather closer to each other as they decrease in numbers while also heightening the survival vibe and looming feeling of death.

Something you should always do is try to find high grounds and environmental covers. However, as the storm approaches, positioning becomes increasingly important, and there are two strategies to help you come out on top.
If you’re equipped with enough resources to build and shoot, then go straight for the eye of the storm and build a fort there. Keep in mind most players will run for their lives toward you, in the middle, so you need to be confident in your abilities to push them away.

If you don’t have the resources to build and protect a fort at the center of your enemies’ attention, then it’s better to move along with the storm along its edge.
Overall, the environment in Fortnite is a character in its own right, and whether it’s an ally or an enemy is entirely up to you.

Unlike Call of Duty where the action is absolutely rampant, there’s a lot more strategy in Fortnite because of your resources and the survival nature of the game.
You need to pick your battles instead of diving headfirst into every fight like a washed-up, divorced, middle-aged cop with nothing to lose in every 90s movie. There’s nothing shameful in walking away and waiting for your moment. Engage in fights only when you’re confident you’re in a better position.

When playing in duo and teams, you need to have clearly established roles – who is going to serve as a distraction, who’s going to be the executor.

Transitioning Between Different Elements of the Game
As mentioned in the beginning, Fortnite is a multi-faceted game, and being a niche specialist, while useful in some scenarios, will only get you so far in general. The best players are the most well-rounded ones, which is at the core of the game’s success – it’s the ultimate battle. Think about your favorite action heroes – chances are, they can do pretty much everything, adapt, and find a way to come out victorious from any situation.
In order to do that, you need to play many matches just to drill the separate elements before you start playing for fun. Even then, be prepared to die ingloriously and even straight-up embarrassingly lots of times. After a while, things will start coming together little by little and your instincts will signal you which move is the best in different situations.

On that note, you need to have your keybinds imprinted on your mind as you can’t be wondering about such trivialities in the midst of a battle.
Fortnite gives you a lot to think about at once and is impossible to fully master, which is what most, if not all, infinitely fun and competitive games have in common. And to make the most of them – do your homework and keep practicing!

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