I can see the future, I predicted the Nintendo Switch Lite

The internet mocked me, but I got the last laugh. Reddit, you can sometimes be a real toxic wasteland…but I love you.



In an article titled, July 2019 Nintendo Direct Prediction  I gave reasons why I believed Nintendo would be announcing new hardware. Today, Nintendo announced via a direct-style YouTube clip the Nintendo Switch Lite; a slightly smaller 5.5″ screen version of the mega-hit Nintendo Switch.

Switch vs. Switch Lite:

Weight: Nintendo Switch: .88lbs with the Joy-Con attached | Nintendo Switch Lite: .61lbs

Screen: Nintendo Switch: 6.2″ touchscreen, 720p | Nintendo Switch Lite: 5.5″ touchscreeen, 720p

Battery Life: Nintendo Switch: approx. 2.5 – 6.5 hours | Nintendo Switch Lite: approx. 3 – 7 hours

Internal System Storage: Nintendo Switch: 32GB | Nintendo Switch Lite: 32GB

It is also important to note that the Switch Lite cannot be docked and does not have removable joy-cons. This is a portable only system. One benefit to the non-removable joy-con is that it has a traditional D-pad. The video footage also seems to show slightly larger A,B,X,Y buttons. For anyone who has tried to play the NES classic, Ice Hockey with the joy-con you know how much the D-pad is missed.

What I Got Right

I predicted that Nintendo would announce new hardware this month and would release a Direct-style announcement that does not feature any mention of any games, but has a sole focus on a new console.  I explained that Nintendo would want a major announcement of new hardware to get it’s time to shine and not be lost in the crazy E3 hype.

What I Got Wrong

I predicted the announcement would be on July 23rd. Everything else I nailed. So excuse me while I toot my horn…TOOT! TOOT!

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By: Dennis Burkett

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