The Joy of Baseball

Pop flies, grounders, bunts accompanied by grunts.
Foul ball, fair ball, three strikes, you’re out!
Sluggers, homers, double plays’re what this game’s about!

Green grass fields, open air bleachers.
Bats go crack, boys run in their sneakers.
Tagged at first, ump says you’re out.
March back to the dugout and pout, pout pout.

man holding baseball bat

Wooden bats crack, aluminum bats go ping!
Folks in the stands all stretch and sing.
Joy surges throughout the ballpark and field,
Profits of fun are what we all yield.

Other sports are pretentious, pure joy they lack.
The NBA is about characters, men you’d like to smack.
For the NFL has become soft, pacing is boring.
Go watch baseball to refrain from snoring.

Yes, baseball, baseball’s the name of the game;
Embrace it now, have no shame!
It’s superior to the rest;
For those other sports, I detest!

sport ball baseball play

A poem by Dan Burkett

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