Let’s Go Blues!

48 hours ago, the city of St. Louis was crushingly disappointed. Why were they so utterly disappointed? The answer is simple, the hometown St. Louis Blues lost Game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This was no ordinary game, oh no. Win this game and win the Stanley Cup! Win and give the city of St. Louis their first Stanley Cup EVER, win and forever cement your place in history. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, but there’s another chance tomorrow night, Game 7 winner take all LETS GO BLUES!

Why am I so passionate about the Blues, well to answer that question we must go back Waynes world flashback It’s 2009 and I am an intern for the Indianapolis Indians, and I decided to start watching hockey. As someone who enjoys all sports (for the most part) it’ll be awesome to watch something else. The Indiana area is limited when it comes to pro sports and hockey is no exception. Chicago is to the North, Columbus to the East, St. Louis to the West, and the new expansion team Nashville to the South. Chicago has just won their Stanley Cup, and I didn’t want to be seen as a bandwagon fan. Columbus didn’t do it for me, that only left Nashville and St. Louis. I decided to start watching St. Louis and the coverage on Fox Sports Midwest was a great way to follow.

Time jump! We are back in present day, sort of. It’s January 3rd, 2019 and the St. Louis Blues are dead last in the NHL, DEAD LAST!!! They fire their head coach, promote Craig Berube to interim head coach, and replace the starting goalie with a rookie, UH-OH! Instead of something terrible happening, something magical happens, the Blues go on an 11 game winning streak and set the franchise record for consecutive wins! I’ve taken the liberty of including a link to the magic here: Blues turnaround!

The city has hope again, playoffs are now in question, where they weren’t back in January. The playoffs start and the Blues come in as the 3 seed, they beat Winnipeg 4-2, Beat the Stars 4-3, Beat the Sharks 4-2 and advance to the first ever Stanley cup finals! They start their series with the 1 seed in the east Boston, Thumbs down , 48 hours ago the Blues had a chance to win on home ice, they couldn’t do it. Now 24 hours from a winner take all Game 7, the Blues are focused and determined to bring Lord Stanleys Cup to St. Louis.

The Blues are 9-3 on the road this postseason and 5-0 after a loss. Stats speak for themselves, I for one am hoping they can do it for the city and fans worldwide.



Adopted Blues fan

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by: Ryan Dyer

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