Anatomy of a Gamertag

gamer [gey-mer]
1.person who plays games, especially computer or video games.

1.a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label

So what exactly is a gamertag? It is our online persona; a chosen names that defines us or at least attempts to describe what/who we are in our online virtual gaming world. It’s what our gaming friends know us as. My gamertag is Wujman. Where did this come from? Well, back in the early 90s I was playing one of my all-time favorite games and one of greatest racing games for the NES, Ivan Ironman Stewart’s Super Off Road. If you dispute this claim I’d love to challenge you to duel. This game required you to enter a four-character name prior to starting gameplay. As a small child I would do what any young boy would do eager to get into some dirt track racing action; mash buttons. On one fateful afternoon, my father noticed why I had spelled, WOOJ. My father then affectionately began calling me Wuj-boy. As I matured into the man-child I am today I adopted the name Wujman and a legend was created. To this day, this is my Nintendo gamertag and my username on

Arguably the most famous gamer of all time, Richard Tyler Blevins would never be recognized by name alone. His gamertag? Ninja. This to me illustrates just how impactful and important ones selection of the gamertag can be. It can ultimately become your personal brand. How did Ninja come up with his alias? During an interview with ESPN published on youtube on July 21, 2018, Blevins stated “it mainly stems from back in the day in Halo when someone was chasing you and you went around a corner and you jumped over their head and backed smacked them it was called the ninja, or you ninja’d them. I loved it and I was like this needs to be my gamertag”.

Branding is essential if you’re selecting a gamertag to propel you into streaming stardom. Would Ninja be as famous if his screen name was FartSniffer69? I prefer to think he wouldn’t. That being said, Ninja’s story as to how he came up with his tag is not that far off from how the average joe goes about selecting theirs. Most people aren’t making their online name choice with the hopes of internet stardom and if you are, good luck. The odds are clearly against you.

While pondering the topic of gamertags, I posted a question to a Facebook group I’m a member of, Gaming Dads ®. I posted the simple question, what’s your gamertag and how did you come up with it? The results were staggering. I got 48 responses in less than 24 hours. Some common themes emerged while I was reviewing the answers I received from the awesome community. Some gamers pick their tag based on old clan names from early online games, such as Socom. A few are based on nicknames given by friends and some just play on their own names.  Here are some of my favorite responses:

  • Paul Harman-Freer Phathippy. Because I’m a well-dressed hippy. Or I used to be.
  • Graham Morgan Captq101. Goes back to my Star trek cosplaying days in internet forums.
  • Tyler Grissman My gamertag is Grizzly3k. Originated from high school, I was called by my last name or by Grizzly so it stuck with me. The 3k is because Grizzly was already taken lol
  • Tom Thibou DaddyTightPants – My friends all went out to karaoke one night and decide to pick stage names for each other. DTP was mine. The rest of my friends were Dusty BackDoor, BeefCastle William’s, Harry Midriff, and Sexual In-Your-Endo
  • Jamie Brown Sir_jizalot. A name I got when I was younger as I got around a little. Has stuck ever since
  • Danny Green StuntHamstah22. Asked a friend years ago for a cool gamertag and he suggested that, StuntHamstah was surprisingly taken so added 22 because that’s how old I was at the time
  • Adrian Vasquez Mine is Mywifeismad.. when I purchased xbox360 because her cousin got me hooked on Halo she wasn’t too happy about it.
  • Michael Mather Mines bullfroghulk
    Nickname bullfrog at work. Apparently, i have a million kids..
    My kids call me hulk.. so i put 2 and 2 together thus making the greatest psn name to ever be seen. It shall take over the world. Look out ninja 😂😂😂😂
  • Jake Stamp Aeonknight since I was about 10, Used to play an online game called Stargatewars, there was an alliance called Aeonkings that I wanted to join, called myself Aeonknight to attract their attention and it’s stuck ever since (they never did let my join haha)

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