The XBOX One disc-less system is real? Holy Sh*t the disc-less system is real!

Rumors have been swirling about Microsoft possibly dropping a disc-less Xbox One since mid-2018.  The rumors are true.  The system is called the Xbox One Maverick and is going to be released for retail in May of 2019, according to an article on  That is a mere 3 months away.  This will be the first of the 3 majors to release a digital-only box to the market.  It will be interesting to see what this does to disrupt the marketplace.

I for one think it could be a little late in the life cycle of the Xbox One to be releasing a 4th version of this console. Especially since XBOX has ditched the idea of VR and has sold far less consoles than PlayStation and are going to be usurped by the Nintendo Switch in a few months.  I think it is a really cool concept to go fully digital and to have a top end hardware console be sold for $199 or less, but this seems like poor timing.  This could mean that Project Scarlet has been delayed or is not coming as soon as we thought.  Although, if you look at it from another perspective this could be a system to test the marketplace on a streaming console.  Xbox Game Pass has made some waves with its subscription-based streaming service.  You pay a monthly fee to gain access to 100 games a month. These games are from older consoles or lesser known games you may have missed.  I love the idea and now that the rumor of Game Pass not coming to the Switch I feel this Maverick system has a chance to make some headway in the home console market.

The thing that intrigues me the most is that this could be the start of the streaming revolution.  Microsoft has always been known for its software, and I think sales have shown that they are better off pushing Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and SaaS in general than they are marketing a console.  Google has been experimenting with Project Stream, which is a neat concept, but Microsoft is so far ahead of them with game developers and publishers that they should be able to beat Google.  This console is the first strike in the future of gaming.  Will Microsoft when the streaming wars or will Google and its browser be the advantage?


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One thought on “The XBOX One disc-less system is real? Holy Sh*t the disc-less system is real!

  1. Xbox One Maverick looks like a solid console. It looks like the line up may be all digital. However, Xbox systems have had external attachments to them in previous years. Although I wonder if they will give a way to plug a disc player in? Will it still have all the features of a regular Xbox One too?


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