Pep Hamilton Named XFL DC Head Coach

Two down, six to go. Today, during a live-streamed press conference XFL commissioner, Oliver Luck introduced Pep Hamilton as the GM/Head Coach for the yet to be named Washington DC franchise. This announcement comes two weeks after Luck introduced Bob Stoops as the GM/Head Coach of the XFL Dallas franchise. At this current rate, we’ll finally have a full list of coaches on May 9th 2019. 3616882B-4FD9-4EE3-A9DF-8BDAF7A98DA6

It had been speculated that Hamilton would be joining the XFL in some capacity after The University of Michigan released a statement on February 5th advising Ben McDaniels would be stepping into Pep’s as role coaching quaterbacks for the Wolverines. The position in DC will be Pep’s first head coaching role. Pep Hamilton was interviewed back in 2014 for the then vacant Oakland Raiders head coaching job, but they elected to hire Jack Del Rio instead. Pep has had multiple coaching jobs over the years. He’s probably best known for his stint with the Indianapolis Colts as the OC. During his tenure with the Colts he disappointed fans with what many felt was a limiting playbook and the unwillingness to stretch the field. I personally feel like the playbook from the classic Nintendo Entertainment System had a more diverse playbook than what’s in Hamilton’s play calling script.

Pep Hamilton’s XFL Playbook Leaked


We will continue to provide updates on the XFL as more info is known. We are pleased to see that they are going after well known coaches.

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