Super Predictions!

Today is the big game at the end of the season. Also known as the Super Bowl.  Time for prediction city. Patriots or Rams? Let’s see what we had to say:

Dennis:  Rams by 4; 31-27. Pats fail to score in the first quarter and Todd Gurley wins MVP.

@thedanburkett:  When reached for comment his only prediction was Todd Gurley suffering a knee injury.

@therealslimjim23:  Pats by 3; 69-66. Hahahaha. NO. Actually, he says Pats win 27-24.

Bones: I think the moment is too big for Goff. I think the Rams get off to a slow start and can’t recover. Pats 28 Rams 24.  It will be 28-17 headed into the 4th and the Rams make a late push that is too late. I think Sweet Victory will be an amazing halftime show, but don’t forget to check out WWE Halftime Heat.

If you are not sold on the Pats today check out their owner with Cardi B:

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