The March for Arch

As a Colts fan, I have shared some ups and downs with franchise quarterbacks. Before I breakdown the new strategy for finding the next great QB to lead us into the next generation of the NFL, let me give you some background of my fandom.

I was born in ’87 and the Colts had barely been in Indy. They were a dumpster fire. As a youth growing up in Indiana basketball is life. I was a homer and loved the Pacers from the jump. Reggie Miller was an entertainer so as a young kid it was easy to fall in love with that franchise, and Reggie putting up points in bunches definitely helped. Back to football.

I was a Cowboys fan, my uncle would have Super Bowl parties and I always picked the Cowboys over the Bills. The ‘Boys had better uni’s and the triplets. Very exciting to watch and I had a Cowboys jumpsuit. That star was life. This began to change when the Colts signed Jim Harbaugh. Suddenly, adults I knew were talking about the Colts. Jim was a fiery personality that was fun to see on the TV. One season the Colts were in the AFC Championship. Suddenly, they had a shot at playing the Cowboys for the ‘ship. This was huge. The Colts finally had some momentum. During that game, Jim through up a hail mary and everyone thought he had thrown the game-winner. Jim was jumping up and down thinking he won the game. He didn’t. Colts lost.

The Colts then drafted Peyton Manning, Jim was cast-off to the Ravens. Peyton’s rookie year they went 3-13 and I was pissed we didn’t have good ol’ Jim. That quickly went away from 1999 onward as the Colts became the number 1 offense of the 2000’s.  Everything was sunshine and rainbows until 2012 when Peyton had off-season neck surgery. The Colts were awful! During that season, Colts fans started chanting the mantra “Suck for Luck!” Which I did not agree with. Andrew Luck was the #1 prospect in the last decade according to most football experts. I didn’t care. Without Manning, there would be no Indianapolis Colts. We owed it to him to give him another chance. History would go on to show that Manning won another Super Bowl and the Colts are still mostly a dumpster fire. Luck has had some moments, but I don’t like his dopey interviews nor his willingness to go snow-boarding and wreck his shoulder. Now is the time to right this ship.

Over the past week, a video emerged of an 8th grader slinging the ball around. That 8th grader is one Arch Manning. Cooper Manning’s offspring. The only way the Colts can be saved is to #March4Arch. I am begging that we as Colts fans start the March for Arch movement. Arch will be draft eligible in 6 years.  We need Ballard to start the tank job now so by 2025 We will have a shot at the #1 pick.  Arch Manning is the Colts fans savior. C’mon Jim, let’s get it done, Luck is never going to be as good as a Manning.

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