Game Scavenging: The Quest for Retro Games

Game collecting has become quite the vagary of choice in today’s high speed internet, instant gratification world. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a jaw dropping 105gb according to this Game Spot article and people can download it to their hard drives and forget physical media altogether. So why are people seeking out old cartridges and discs from days of yore? Two reasons, nostalgia and the thrill of the hunt.

In the wonderful world that exists in 2018, most people don’t have to worry about staying safe from the elements, hunting prey and scavenging for grains and berries. No, thankfully to human intellect we have developed technologies that have allowed us to develop our now common rotund statures. That has left us with a void. The thrill of the hunt. It is in our DNA. Since we have nothing to really hunt for many people look towards nostalgic items from their past. So, those of us gamers, likely with receding hairlines and the inability to NOT sing along when they here the Ice Ice Baby,  this often takes the form of hunting for old games.IMG-0605

I am no stranger to the retro game hunt. I recently pulled down quite the haul. As my fellow scavengers know, Facebook Marketplace is a common tool of the trade. Earlier this week I was scouring the marketplace for a deal and found quite the find. Someone had five Nintendo cartridges listed for $15. Me, always grinding away for a deal made an offer of $10. This comes to two dollars per game. That felt like a steal. These are all games that I did not have in my collection. The seller accepted. Here are the fruits of my labor:

Star Soldier

Price Paid: $2 Value: $5.06

The Terminator

Price Paid: $2 Value: $18.75


Price Paid: $2
Price Value: $10.63

Solar Jetman

Price Paid: $2
Price Value: $3.18

Super Mario Bros. 3

Price Paid: $2
Price Value: $10.00

Total Estimated Value: $47.62
Investment: $10.00
Estimated Profit: $37.62

Are you impressed? What do you think? Please comment below and let me know. I’ll be sure to document all of my retro game hunts in the future.

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