Spiderman and Mysterio: Dream Duo

This July, your favorite webslinger is getting a new partner.

arachnid artistic blur close upMarvel Entertainment has certainly changed the game with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even casual fans join the most dedicated in anticipating new Marvel movies years in advance. Until last year, it began to feel as if Marvel were losing its edge a bit. Each movie that was released was solid, and fans knew they’d leave the theater satisfied, but it had been a good while since a film had had the impact of the first Avengers or Captain America Winter Soldier. While movies released after Winter Soldier like Ant Man are some of my favorite, fans by-and-large were underwhelmed with the highly anticipated Age of Ultron and Civil War films. The MCU, however, seems to have reignited a fire in the last year, with Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Avengers: Infinity War Part One recapturing the magic and reclaiming the epic stature of the cinematic universe. Moving into 2019, the future looks bright for Marvel movies. While the trailer for Avengers: Endgame just dropped, Spiderman fans have something to be excited about with news about Spiderman: Far From Home breaking this weekend.
Far From Home will take place after the adventures of Infinity War and Endgame, and while the trailer has only been shown at Comic-Con Experience Brazil, there’s a lot to be excited about for the webslinger’s next titular adventure. By and large, Marvel’s casting department has gifted audiences time and time again, and will continue to do so. After all, Jude Law is in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and more Jude Law on the big screen is always desirable. Casting of Spiderman films is always a touchy debate, and while fans are split on their favorite webslinger, Tom Holland has certain proven himself capable of carrying the mantle. The casting department has done it again, though, in gifting us the incomparable Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.
In an interview with the cast, we learn Mysterio, the master of illusions and special effects, normally a nemesis of Spiderman, is recruited by Nick Fury to help defeat the Elementals, a group of villains of whom Mysterio is familiar. In this interview, we learn that Spiderman is getting a new suit, and it is teased that he must become more then a friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Gyllenhaal has teased that Mysterio’s suit comes with a lot of secrets, which fans certainly never would have guessed of the illusionist.
Details are scarce, but excitement is mounting. While nothing is known about how Peter Parker will fit into Endgame at this point, it’s clear the boy is undergoing massive character development. Interestingly, it is also Nick Fury who enlists the help of Parker in Far From Home, so the dynamic of Parker/Fury will be interesting to compare to the relationship with Tony Stark, who brought Parker into the MCU.

@JakeGyllenhaal on Instragram

Frankly, the one thing that is clear from what’s been teased about Far From Home is that Parker consistently is drawn to older men. Drawing from Stark’s tutelage, first in Civil War, now being passed off to Nick Fury, the dynamic between Mysterio and Parker will be interesting to witness, as after everything Peter’s been through, he should have a much stronger voice, which will certainly lead to conflict with a character as complex and twisted as Mysterio.
The casting department has done it again. Far From Home is set to swing into theaters July 5, 2019. If Tom Holland and Zendaya aren’t convincing enough, surely Gyllenhaal’s rugged demeanor will draw in a refined audience. What’s a Spiderman story without an epic team-up? Thankfully, in Far From Home, a grand duo will save us from untold threats. NJB is following this story for further developments.

By: Dan Burkett

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