Enough is enough

Recently it has been brought to my attention that some citizens of this great nation, are upset that in the first Captain Marvel trailer, Captain Marvel who is a woman had less lines than Nick Furry who is played by Samuel L Jackson who is a man.  I would like to assure you, SJW’s that was not done because of the disparity between men and women.

Go re watch the trailer, I beg you.  Basically the story goes like this “Women falls from the sky, crashes into a building, cant remember anything. A S.H.I.E.L.D agent (Jackson) finds her and questions her, shes a warrior from space but shes suffering some short of amnesia”

The reason she has less lines in the trailer is for the ABOVE REASON! SHE CANT REMEMBER THINGS! It’s not because she is a woman, it’s not because they wanted to give the bigger star the most lines, ITS BECAUSE SHE CANT REMEMBER ANYTHING!

Please do us all a favor and think next time before you make bold accusations that have no footing.  Thank you.

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