Legal Sports Betting Coming to a State Near You!

It’s early March and you’re watching the opening round of the SWAC conference tournament game with your buddies and the Alcorn State Braves trailing the Jackson State Tigers 61-73 with fifteen seconds to go. Jackson State’s freshman point guard throws a lazy pass at half court that is intercepted by the Braves and slams it home. You and your buddies jump up and go wild. Why? None of you are alumni or current students at these fine institutions. That proud Brave just hit the over for you! Sure, it’s a meaningless bucket for the 30ish players on those teams, but everyone at sports-books world wide were on pins and needles with the over/under line at 135 points. That 136th point was huge.  Welcome to the wonderful vice that is sports betting. Better luck next year, Alcorn State.

Sports betting is currently legal in eight states, Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania & Rhode Island. We’ve compiled the map below to help track if you should expect a sports book to open in a state near you in the future.

NJB Legalized Betting

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by: Dennis Burkett

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