Indie Highlight: Escape Doodland for the Nintendo Switch

We like indie developers, don’t you? They’re scrappy, unique, probably smell a bit for working extra long hours on their passion projects and they drive innovation in the gaming industry. I recently discovered a game by the name, Escape Doodland, which is currently available on Steam and will be out soon for Nintendo Switch. What jumped out to me was the unique art style. The art looks like something that a wanna be stoner kid in eight grade scribbled on their desk in biology class.

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About the Developers

Escape Doodland is developed by two people: Piotr and Weronika from Poland. Weronika is responsible for visual aspects and UI and Piotr for all the rest.The game was created almost three years and it’s their very first game.

About the Game

Escape Doodland is challenging 2D side-scroller set in a doodle world (Doodland). You play as one of Doodlers, an inhabitant of Doodland who escapes from the monster that attacked their world. There’re 10 levels and 8 playable characters available in single and online multiplayer mode. Player can use some skills: fart jump, fart dash and farting in monster’s face that stuns him. All skills can be improved.

Don’t get it wrong. it’s not a simple and nice and casual game for everyone. You will be eaten, burned, crushed, digested, shocked, slapped, poisoned or just may fall down. Many times.

The World

Doodland is a grotesque world created on a piece of paper. It is invaded by Omnous, a cruel monster that loves the taste of the Doodlers, the peaceful inhabitants of this world. Each Doodler is different and unique in it’s own looks, sounds and style. Players must make there way through a demanding game world made up of obstacles that will have you run, jump, swim and fly to safety from Omnomus.

We look forward to trying this game out in the future. For more info on Escape Doodland check out their site here.

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by: Dennis Burkett

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