Kaepernick Is Not A Hero

Brace yourselves ladies and gentleman, because what I’m about to say might shock you.  Colin Kaepernick is not a hero.  I said it and I’m not sorry.

Kaepernick until 2016, had been a Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.  Then September 1 2016 happened and all of a sudden he was out of a job.  Why do ask?  He kneeled during the national anthem, as an American who is protected under the 1st amendment, that was his right, his freedom of speech if you will.  Whatever you belief, we can all agree great men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for our right to be free.  Taking a knee is in, this bloggers opinion, the second greatest disrespect to the American Flag, short of burning it.

Kaepernick found himself without a job shortly after that, the 49ers claimed it was due to his declining play, and that Blaine Gabbert was a better option.  This was obviously not the case, they traded for Jimmy Garoppolo in the off season.  Kaepernick claims that he was not offered a job with an NFL team because of his kneeling, and protest to police killing a young African American male.

The truth is, Kaepernick is a drama queen.  He was offered a job with a CFL team, if he truly wanted to play football and be an advocate he could’ve taken the opportunity and played QB again.

This blog comes on the heels of Nike making Kaepernick their spokesperson. The ad says “Believe in something even if it means scarifying everything” essentially Nike is backing an individual who played the race card and said the reason he is no longer playing in the NFL is because of him taking a knee and being of a different race.  The NFL is a unity, a brotherhood, you go out there everyday knowing or at least hoping your leader, in this case, has your back.  Kaepernick has made it obvious that he doesn’t care about brotherhood, and he only cares about himself.

Good riddance, Kaepernick.

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Ryan Dyer

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