Indie Quickie: Windjammers 2

Windjammers was the hit of the arcade in 1994.  It is a weird arcade sports game that involves a frisbee, goals, and points.  It looks like beach volleyball but with a “power flying disc” and a unique scoring system.  I recently played it last year on M.A.M.E. when I found out it was coming to the PS4.  It was a blast to play with a buddy and gives you the feeling similar to when you play NBA Jam.  The game just rocks and is fun to play. Not too mention the totally radical soundtrack really gives this game that little extra to keep coming back.  DotEmu acquired the IP and it has been a hit on the eSports scene.

During GamesCon over in the U.K. this week, it was announced that Windjammers 2 would be hitting the Switch in 2019.  They did a quick anime preview and then showed a screenshot that the gameplay would be fully-drawn hand art.  This got me really excited! It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to play online.  Looking forward to seeing this game develop with hand-drawn art.

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