Brawlhalla is coming to the Switch & Xbox One; Make You Wanna Holla?

 That’s right folks the popular free-to-play platform style fighting game, Brawlhalla is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The announcement came at Gamescon, which is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The release date is slated for November 6, 2018 in what is turning out to be a very crowded fall release schedule for the Switch. This fall we are already anticipating Super Mario Party (October 5, 2018), Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pickachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee, (November 16, 2018), Super Smash Brother Ultimate (December 7, 2018) to name a few. If you don’t believe me, check out the full listing of upcoming Switch games here; Upcoming Switch Games. Thankfully, Brawlhalla will remain free-to-play when it is released by French Developer, Ubisoft whom recently acquired Blue Mammoth Games in March of this year.  The team here at Nerd Jock Blog have already sunk countless hours playing this game on Steam and are stoked by this announce that was made today by Ubisoft.

What exactly is Brawlhalla?

The most direct comparison is clearly the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The main gameplay style of Brawlhalla  is directly lifted from the Nintendo hit. In all of Brawlhalla’s game modes, the goal is to knock opponents off the multi-platform stage, of which there are many. Just as in Smash, there are many different game modes, characters and weapons. Damage to characters can be seen on character’s icons, which go from white to red. The more red the icon is the further a player goes away from the stage when struck by opponents. Getting knocked off the stage results in the loss of a life. Either the last character standing or whomever accrues the most points, dependent on game mode, wins the match. Similar to Smash games, each of the 40 characters have different attacks, abilities and movement styles.  The game does have a different feel than Smash and I personally love the Megan Man X style wall jumping. In addition to online modes the game features a robust solo mode, which will be crucial for its success on the Switch. For information about the game check out Ubisoft’s official press release: here

Final Thoughts

The fact this game is coming out prior to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is great timing for Ubisoft. Nintendo has the Smash hype train going since early summer and it shows no time of stopping. Will the release of Brawlhalla one month prior to Super Smash Brother Ultimate it may satiate Nintendo fanatics appetite for a while. The price certainly is right, but will many people want to spend much money on a free-to-play game with the 800 pound Donkey Kong lurking just around the corner? We’ll soon know.

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by: Dennis Burkett

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