Goodbye Bob

Overshadowed by yesterdays meaningless preseason game between the Indianapolis Colts and that team from Baltimore, the Colts lost a legend (in the radio booth).  Bob Lamey the often outspoken, boisterous, and sometimes critical play-by-play commentator for the Indianapolis Colts retired after 35 seasons.

Bob Lamey has been the Colts commentator my entire life, I literally cannot remember a time where he did not call games for the Colts.  Bob had the pleasure of going to work every Sunday, some Mondays and in the past few years Thursday nights, to call the wonderful game of football.  From QB’s such as Mark Herrmann, Jeff George, Jack Trudeau, Peyton Manning and recently Andrew Luck, Bob has seen the good times and bad.

I distinctly remember him calling the Marvin Jackson interception that sent the Colts to their Super Bowl in 2006.  ith that I also recall a time of him being overly critical during the a particularly bad stretch, where the phrase “We suck, we are just plain bad” might have been uttered.  You know what? I still tuned in every Sunday to listen to him call the countless TD’s that # 18 threw, or the runs that # 32 broke for long TD’s.  The sheer fact of it us, there will never be another Bob Lamey, and Colts fans will always remember a time where Bob was ours.

Enjoy retirement, Bob you deserve every minute of it.

Thanks for reading.

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