Preseason MNF Preview & Practice Brawl

Who doesn’t love a good sports brawl? It’s August and the weather has heated up as well as the competition in NFL training camps. This past Saturday, August 18, during a joint practice between the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts about an hour before the conclusion of practice things got rough and rowdy between the two squads during a punt return drill.  It started with the Ravens linebacker, Albert McCellan and Colts linebacker Antonio Morrison. See the brawl here:

You can clearly see McCellan & Morrison lock on early in the play and neither player was willing to disengage from the other. This sets up what a team wide brawl that took nearly a minute to fully break up. The teams are in preparations of tonight’s week 2 MNF preseason match-up and clearly there is no love lost between the two franchises with a let’s call it interesting link between them. No fan of either franchise can ever look at a Mayflower moving truck without thinking of that fateful night back on March, 29th 1984.

Since it is week 2 of the preseason we should see a lot of players fighting for roster spots tonight. It will be interesting to see how the Colts handle Andrew Luck with the Ravens players trying to prove themselves on a defense that ranked 12th in yards per game (325.1) last season. With the way practice went on Saturday I’d say it’s safe to say the Colts will pull Andrew Luck and starters early if things get dicey.  It’s always hard to look for meaningful story lines to stir interest in preseason games, but it appears we have one.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Tell us what you’d like us to cover in the future.

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