Hollywood Is Lazy

Now that I have your attention let me repeat it…HOLLYWOOD IS LAZY.  Everything is a remake today, there are no more original ideas.  Take for example the 2000 movie What Women Want, starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson.  The premise is this: Mel Gibson is a typical man’s man objectifying women, etc.  after an accident at home, he gains the ability to hear the inner most thoughts of women around him.  127 minutes later he learns his lesson and gets the girl! Every. ROMCOM. EVER.  While scrolling through the trailers for upcoming movies on my Apple TV, I saw a particular movie called: “What Men Want” surely, i though they cant be “remaking” What Women Want and adding a “fresh spin” for 2018.  I was wrong, it’s exactly that.  The premise is roughly the same, albeit changing a few details on how the main character, (yep you guessed it, a woman) gains the ability to hear the inner thoughts of the men around her.


I propose this: Hollywood is lazy and doesn’t want to take the time to think of original ideas/stories anymore.  The majority of films to come out in the past 2 years are a remake in one way or another. Sure they’ve had great success with the superhero genre, but that’s because the demographic is there.  Take a few minutes to do a web search on all the remakes that have happened/going to happen and I bet you’ll be shocked.  All I’m asking is for Hollywood to stop sitting around on their asses and come up with an original idea for once in their lives, its not going to kill them.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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