Must Watch: Zion Williamson

Welcome to the Nerd Jock Blog! This is a series called Must Watch, where I highlight stars that are “must watch” athletes.

The first featured athlete in this series is Zion! Zion! Zion!  He will be saving all of our eyeballs this college basketball season.  By now, Zion has been a viral sensation for a few years and his high school mix tape would cause Noel Devine to faint.  Most people in the know have already seen and heard his basketball praises as the next hardwood messiah.  Once he puts on that Duke uniform this fall he will be smothered all over the national viewing audience and will become very mainstream.  The clip below shows just how freakish he really is.

Free throw line dunks are a dime a dozen these days.  It used to be just the greats that came to mind when you heard the words “free throw line dunk”, but now any young leaper trying to make a name for himself does it.  Not too mention there is always one joker in the NBA Dunk Contest that tries it as a last ditch effort to try to win over the judges.  Having said all of that, This video is still dazzling, and astonishing.  Zion is 6’7″ and weighs 285 lbs. as an 18 year old who hasn’t even taken his first freshman English class in  Durham!! That is roughly the same size as a starting D-1 left tackle! Just press play and watch the hyperbole dribble out of your mouth.

Free Throw Line Dunk

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