Interview with 2015 State Farm College Slam Dunk Champion, Laquavius Cotton


The following article has been reposted from a prior blog I used to write, Bear Bones Sports

Laquavius Cotton.  It’s a name you probably haven’t heard much.  At least not prior to April 2, 2015 unless you are from the Cleveland, Mississippi, the city where NCAA Division II Delta State University calls home.  I reached out to Mr. Cotton on twitter shortly after he defied gravity in the world famous Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis becoming the newest College Slam Dunk champion.  The 6’6,180 pound high flyer graciously agreed to participate in’s first ever athlete Q&A.  What’s the story behind this overnight sensation from a DII school with enrollment of approximately 4,500 students and plays in the Gulf South Conference?  Ladies and gentleman, I present, Laquavius Cotton.


NJB: When did you learn to fly/dunk for the first time and how tall were you?

Cotton: My first dunk was probably my 11th grade year during a water break at practice. I think I was about 6’0.

NJB: You obviously are very athletic. Your bio on Delta State University’s page states you ran cross country. What was your favorite non-basketball sport growing up?

Cotton: My favorite non-basketball sport would have to be track. I really enjoy running my favorite event was high jump and 4×4 relay.

NJB: Personal record for the mile?

Cotton:  My best mile time was in the 11th grade I ran 5:12 that was the last time I ran that event.

NJB: Who is your biggest non-sports related role model?

Cotton: Biggest non sport role model would have to be my father, if I don’t get the opportunity to play professionally I would love to follow in his footsteps and become a teacher and coach.

NJB: Who was your favorite basketball player growing up? Who do you compare your current game to?

Cotton: Didn’t watch much basketball growing up so didn’t really have a favorite player. If I would have to compare my game to somebody I would have to say Michael Carter-Williams. I think we have a similar long skinny body frame. I like to compare myself to him because he is a tall point guard and loves to get teammates involve.

NJB: Any significance behind choosing to wear #1?

Cotton: No significance behind wearing #1 it was the only number left I liked after letting my little cousin wear the traditional family #3.

NJB: Most memorable in-game dunk?DSC_0284

Cotton: Most memorable in-game dunk was this year.  It was a windmill against Lee University and I was a little disappointed that it didn’t make Sports Center Top 10.

BBS: What famous dunk would you love to recreate? For example Vince Carter’s dunk as a member of Team U.S.A where he jumped over 7’2 Frederic Weis.

Cotton: A famous dunk I would love to recreate would be Paul George’s 360 windmill in-game. To be able to pull that out on a fast break is crazy!

NJB: How was the whole experience participating in State Farm College Slam?

Cotton: The whole experience of participating in the Dunk contest was fun I really enjoyed it. It was great to meet some of the guys that I watched play in the tournament a couple weeks prior to this weekend.

NJB: How’s the reaction been since winning the contest?

Cotton: It’s been great! My phone has been buzzing non-stop for the last couple of days. Been getting a lot of notifications from my social media sites such as: twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A lot of likes, followers and congrats.

NJB: What does the future hold for Laquavius Cotton?

Cotton: Future plans are to finish up and graduate from Delta State, find an agent and try to further my career professionally.

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